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November 16, 2006



Ooh - I am going to make this tonight. It's freezing, my husband it out of town, and I am always up for an easy meatloaf. Yum.

I'm intrigued by the apples. There's a turkey burger in "A New Way to Cook" that calls for a panade of white bread crumbs, milk, and diced apple, and your recipe looks like it uses the same apple principle.


And I am making this tomorrow. Thank you!!!


I made this recipe for the second time tonight - I love it.


Finally made this last night and it was great -- thanks!


Molly, last night I went back and made this by memory, sort of -- ground turkey, a grated apple, two grated carrots, two slices of bread soaked in milk, salt, pepper and thyme (I should have added the egg) -- and it was so tasty. So today I dug through your archives to see how far off I was from the original. It made me miss your food writing -- you need to come back to this blog!

We had it with lima beans and good bread last night, and then again for lunch today with the leftover limas and some leftover veggie and macaroni and cheese (whole wheat pasta with good mustardy cheddar sauce and lots of leeks). Both meals were total yuppie version of comfort food.

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