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December 03, 2006



i went there summer of 2007 when i was visiting my family. they know the owners. it was soooo good !!!

N.Y. Food Craver

I love the pizza but when i read this article i was in shock. Rated one of the best pizzerias in N.Y.C. by the Zagat guide, Lucali boasts a killer thin-crust pizza, a romantic candlelit setting in an out of the way neighborhood, and reputed colombo associate Dominick (Black Dom)Dionisio, who works there. Dionisio, a former member of slain capo William (Wild Bill) Cutolo's crew, is under federal indictment in Brooklyn for a shooting in the crime family's 1991-92 civil war. It's located at the site of a former neighborhood candy store. Now I think about it I actually saw this tall dark guy going in and out of the pizzeria, he would be on his cell phone and go outside and look like he was pulling a scam, I'm not trying to bring the place down but I dont think I would want to be around a person that is going to jail or was in jail.

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