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January 10, 2007



I still think about the pappardelle from Babbo, too. That is one of my most unforgettable meals as well.


If ever in Los Angeles you must, must, must go to AOC. Request a table in the roof room (not patio nor roof, just high up) and then enjoy your wait (it will be for at least a glass) at the beautiful and modern bar. The wine list is the best in the city. The barkeeps are knowledgeable and willing to let you sample. Get tipsy down here with your dining buddy.

When the hostess comes to fetch you, start salivating. Order the bacon wrapped dates straight away! They are not on the menu, but one of the only things the kitchen makes year round. Then peruse the menu that changes daily. Pick something from every area! The brioche with fried egg and frissee in the fall is sublime and huge! Order anything with squash or squab.

During one of my memorable meals here, I asked for a glass of a nice Chateauneuf du Pape. Happily our waitress delivered it and my dinning companion fell in love. Presently our waitress returned and I went to order a second glass. She paled and said that she needed to apologize. She had neglected to inform us that the Chateauneuf was 60+ dollars a glass! We would not be charged she revealed since this was her fault. My dining companion would here none of it, knowing the cost would most likely be taken from her paycheck. He proceeded to order that wine for the rest of the night while I darted from France to Spain to Argentina and California. You don't want to know the amount of the bill!! Mostly because silently as a thank you, several glasses of my wine were missing.

AOC is always packed, even though it has been open several years (unheard of in LA), and is truly a great experience.

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