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November 05, 2007


vespa rossa

I can barely keep up with your dining recommendations, and now here's another one that looks fantastic. You are clearly the epitome of a good dining partner -- always chooses wines that I like, has the stamina to withstand multiple plates, enjoys comfy but still elegant venues (especially those that feature exposed brick walls, a particular love of mine, and something I've noticed in your restaurant descriptions).

I just looked through the menu, never a good idea when you're hungry, and this is my ideal dinner (if I went there tonight):
- Oysters with olives, capers, caviar and lemon crème fraîche to start
- Scallops with almond gazpacho, mixed grapes and raisin compote OR Sea bass with potato gratin, green bean salad, garlic escargot and black olive tapenade
- Ginger crème brulee with caramelized orange and candied ginger OR Chevre cheesecake with port and balsamic marinated figs and roasted walnuts
- and maybe the Sancerre :)


oh wow, that sounds great. i always like a good deal when dining out. this definitely goes on the list!

vespa rossa

Here's a question for you -- Do you ever/would you ever dine alone, and if you do/would, is there any particular place that just seems to be made for an indulgent evening for one?

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