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August 06, 2006



I can give you an LA list, if you want...but my burger is ideally covered with bacon and cheese and some sort of onions, grilled or marmalade-d is best.

1) Lucky Devils. Do not let the fact that it is owned by the Diet Coke model fool you. The Lucky special is phenomenal, but so juicy you may need a fork and knife.

2) Father's Office. Scrape off the arugula, and get their early. Overhyped as it is, it's still good.

3) The Counter, for the choose your own aspect of it. They'd probably make you a Renee's special. Although you may want to skip the burger after loading up on sweet potato fries and onion strings.

4) I cannot believe you don't get your In-N-Out Animal style, which is perhaps invented by God himself, hence the scriptures on the wrappers. They'll make your FRIES animal style, too, which I just learned.


There are animal style FRIES?! How did I not know this??


What is animal style? I have never been to In-n-Out, and now I have a craving for a fast food I've only read about on the internet.


Animal style means the patty is fried in mustard and you get extra spread and grilled/carmelized onions. Here's the official secret menu: http://www.in-n-out.com/secretmenu.asp Lots more versions out on the Interweb.


I love to talk about burgers.

I wholeheartedly endorse the Spotted Pig burger.

My FAVORITE burger, however, is the Rockaway burger, which is a delicious burger topped with delicious pimiento cheese, available from Rockaway's in Columbia, South Carolina. Rockaway's does not have a sign and used to be a real hole in the wall until it burned down. It has since been rebuilt and while the ambience is not as good as it was pre-fire (it is too clean and shiny now), the burger remains the best burger I have ever had, forever and ever, amen.


Have you never had the burger at Corner Bistro? It's pretty good, especially on its paper plate.

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