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March 06, 2008


vespa rossa

I lived near a Best Cellar nearby in DC but I just couldn't handle the groupings either. It made me feel like the act of wine browsing and purchasing was so much less special. Wine is not something that needs to be dumbed down for everyone (unlike calculus). There's a wine shop near me now that looked so promising (http://pasanellaandson.com/store.html) because it's beautiful, has a great ambiance, and focuses on Italian wines. BUT, when I walked in I saw the wines were divided up by food pairing. That is a little helpful, but I would like it even better if within the areas the wines were also arranged by variety/region.

I was also excited to go to Batali's wine store in Union Square but the fact that wines were arranged by price, and the bottles below $75, or even $35, were few, turned me off.


I love that my closest grocery store has a "local wines" section. I usually grab something under $10 from there to have at home.

I am not at all a wine expert, but I know a bit more than my husband. So when we go out, I usually order the wine. If the waiter then has my husband check the wine, which happens quite a lot, he will hand it right over the table to me. It always annoys me that because I am female and look younger than him they assume he is in charge. Especially since I ordered it!


for next time: http://nymag.com/listings/stores/moore-brothers/

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